Guide to the GCT

Guide to the GCT

The GCT is composed of three central components:

  • Gender Mandates: Encompasses all official UNFCCC decisions that contain a reference to gender. These can be searched through the main policy areas of the negotiations, the type of reference to gender, or both.
  • Participation Statistics: Compiles women’s participation statistics in UNFCCC processes by country and UNFCCC official bodies. 
  • Country Profiles: Contains a gender analysis of each country’s Nationally Determined Contribution, as well as a compilation of relevant resources and news. This section also showcases a list of National Gender and Climate Change Plans. 
Differences between the GCT App and website

The GCT App and online platform have key differences and similarities, including:

  1. The GCT App is a tool that promotes easy, on-the-go access, including offline access to all the gender mandates, and thus does not have sections designed for longer explorations or research, like the news and resources found on the website. 
  2. Although both have the same information, the GCT app and website display women’s participation in climate diplomacy differently. 
  3. Resources on gender and climate change can only be shared through the website. 

Both the app and the website are available in three languages: English, Spanish and French. 

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