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Table of Contents: 

  1. UNFCCC COP28 (Mandated Events, Side Events, Documents)
  2. UNFCCC SB58 (Mandated Events, Side Events, Documents)
  3. General (Publications, Websites)
  4. Other Events


Mandated Events

UNFCCC. (2023). Mandated in-session workshop by the International Labour Organization and the UNFCCC on Delivering a gender-responsive just transition for all (First Part / Second Part).

UNFCCC. (2023). Technical Dialogue: Financing for gender-responsive just transitions and climate action.

UNFCCC. (2023). High-Level Dialogue on Gender-Responsive Just Transitions and Climate Action

Side Events & Related Events

UNFCCC, UN Women, and the Gender and Environment Data Alliance (WEDO & IUCN). (2023). Counting on a Sustainable Future: Global Conference on Gender and Environment Data (Day 1 / Day 2)

For information on the COP28 gender-related side events, please click here!


CARE. (2023). Road to Dubai: COP28 Position Paper

COP28 UAE. (2023). COP28 Gender-responsive Just Transitions and Climate Action Partnerships

Data2X, IISD, IUCN and WEDO. (2023). Gender Data for Climate Action: COP28 and Beyond

Gender Action for Peace and Security. (2023). Statement on COP28

UNFCCC. (2023). Information Session on gender at COP 28English Recording | French Recording | Spanish Recording

Women and Gender Constituency. (2023). Feminist Demands for the Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels

Women and Gender Constituency. (2023). COP28 Press Release: The end of the era of fossil fuels is here, but the fight for climate justice remains

Women and Gender Constituency. (2023). Transforming Narratives and Driving Climate Action: MENA Women's & Girls' Demands for COP28 and Beyond | بالعربية 

Women and Gender Constituency. (2023). Women & Gender Pavilion Program


Mandated Events

UNFCCC. (2023). Dialogue on how the work of UN Women contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the gender action plan (GAP Activity A2).

UNFCCC. (2023).Expert meeting to share experience and support capacity-building on gender budgeting, including on the integration of gender-responsive budgeting into national budgets to advance gender-responsive climate policies, plans, strategies and action, as appropriate (GAP activity D1).

UNFCCC. (2023). Dialogue between the Chairs of Constituted Bodies on progress in integrating a gender perspective into constituted body processes (GAP activity C2).

Side Events 

For information on the SB58 gender-related side events, please click here

3. General 


4. Other Events

For more information on gender-related events and documents at other environmental conferences, please click here

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