The global community is entering a crucial phase for implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Governments, UN officials, and civil society organizations alike require tools and technical support to comprehend, track, translate, and intervene in global policy processes.

For over 20 years, WEDO has been producing these tools, from country scorecards for grassroots leaders to track implementation of Agenda 21, to review and follow-up of the Beijing Platform for Action. In recent years, WEDO, in partnership with the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA), has compiled the gender mandates in the Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as the UNFCCC—in addition to tracking participation statistics for women on boards, bodies, and delegations.

In partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland and the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA), and the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland, WEDO is pleased to bring you its newest tool, the Gender Climate Tracker App, and online platform.

The app (available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices) and online platform will provide experts, practitioners, decision-makers, negotiators, and advocates easy, on-the-go access to the latest information on policies, mandates, research, decisions, and actions related to gender and climate change. By reviewing, compiling, and publishing this information, the app empowers civil society, governments, and citizens to hold their governments accountable to their gender commitments. “Successful implementation that leaves no one behind requires gender disaggregated data to identify the gender gaps and move away from tokenistic implementation of strategies by governments towards gender inclusion and well-being,” commented Bridget Burns, WEDO Co-Director.

“Having access to information is key for engaging meaningfully in the process of finding gender-just climate solutions. This is why the Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC) is supporting the Gender Climate Tracker App. It is an innovative knowledge tool for keeping track on all the gender decisions under UNFCCC. The Gender Climate App will guide our negotiators to lay the ground for gender-just climate solutions on a policy level. Gender-informed policies in return, will lay the ground for gender-sensitive climate actions which are more likely to be successful,” commented the Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The app will start out as a central resource of information. In subsequent phases the app will include the possibility for experts to participate by providing feedback on the content, thus strengthening the level of outreach, impact, and support. In addition, the app and online platform will allow for participants and decision-makers to share national level policy and planning work on gender-responsive climate policy, as well as civil society shadow-reporting on implementation.

To support this dynamic space, we welcome your comments and feedback as we continue to update the app’s content. 

Bridget Burns & Eleanor Blomstrom, WEDO Co-Directors 


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